Restorative Dentistry in Norfolk, MA

At the dental offices of Dr. Mitchell Pasenkoff, we want to ensure your smile feels complete. We will work with you to find the best solution to restore your beautiful smile. We offer a variety of restorative services to ensure you are getting the best care.

Composite Fillings

Composite fillings are used to support a decaying to cracked tooth help in avoiding any additional chipping or cracking. These fillings are made of a resin material that mimics the appearance of natural teeth. 


Crowns are used to restore a weak, chipped, or decayed tooth. Crowns are essentially a tooth-shaped “cap” that is laid on top of your current tooth to offer it a size, shape, strength, and function that it once way. Crowns, on average, last between 5-15 years and can now be made without metal to offer it a more aesthetic appeal. 


Bridges consist of 2 or more crowns and are used to replace missing teeth. Bridges are placed where the teeth are missing and are supported by your natural teeth or implants. 

Root Canals

We understand that root canals have a scary reputation, at the dental offices of Dr. Mitchell Pasenkoff we are a painless dentistry and take the time to ensure you are comfortable. Root canals can be necessary to repair or save a tooth that is suffering bad decay or infection. The other option to a root canal is tooth removal. After a root canal is complete a final filling or crown is done to ensure the longevity of your tooth. 


Dentures are a removable set of teeth that are designed for your exact measurements. From full dentures or partial dentures (when you have lost several teeth) you can live a lifetime with the perfect smile you deserve. 
For quality restorative care, call the dental offices of Mitchell S. Pasenkoff D.M.D. in Norfolk, MA today!

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