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Create a Whole New Smile With Veneers

An imperfect smile can have you wishing for something new. But a brand new smile does not have to be the stuff of dreams, thanks to veneers. Make an appointment with Dr. Mitchell Pasenkoff in Norfolk, MA, to find out if the smile changing treatment is right for you.

Are Veneers for You?

A beautiful smile is a healthy one. Therefore, your doctor won't perform the treatment of unhealthy gums or teeth. You can expect that these problem areas will be addressed first. Such as filling in cavities.

Also, if you grind your teeth you may need to wear a dental guard at night after the procedure is complete.

But veneers are a great solution if you have problems with crowding or small gaps. If your teeth are too discolored or chipped or shaped in a way that detracts from your almost perfect smile.

Be sure to speak about what you expect from the treatment with your Norfolk, MA, dentist. They will tell you what is possible for your smile, which type of veneer is the best for you, or may recommend other options.

How Do They Work?

A veneer is a thin cap made up of porcelain or composite resin. Which is bonded directly onto your tooth. A benefit of veneers over crowns is that less of the tooth is removed to fit them. About a millimeter of enamel is often all that is needed.

It is a permanent treatment, and though veneers are very strong they may chip or break if you chew hard foods or items, like ice or hard candy. You may also need to avoid harmful habits, like biting your nails to prevent possible complications.

Your Brand New Smile Awaits

Don't just dream of a new smile, make it a reality. Whether with veneers, or other methods, Dr. Pasenkoff in Norfolk, MA, can guide you to the best treatment. Make an appointment today by calling (508) 528-5351.

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