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Are Dental Veneers Right for You?

Have you noticed a few problems with your smile? Perhaps you have chips, fracture lines, or other signs of an aging smile. Maybe you have discolorations in your tooth enamel or stains from smoking or coffee. Whatever the cosmetic issues on your mind, you can achieve a new, beautiful smile with dental veneers.

Dr. Mitchell Pasenkoff in Norfolk, VA, can help you obtain the smile you deserve, one that is uniquely yours. Discover the magic of dental veneers and why they are right for you:


They can correct these dental problems:

-Chips, cracks, or fracture lines

-Tooth wear, erosion, or abrasion

-Enamel defects or poorly shaped teeth

-Stains, blotches, or discolorations


Dental veneers may also be able to close small gaps between your teeth, or cosmetically adjust minor tooth overlap. Dr. Pasenkoff can discuss whether dental veneers can help you with these issues on a case-by-case basis.


What exactly are dental veneers? They are thin laminates which are cemented to the front surfaces of your teeth. These cosmetic dental devices are typically created out of porcelain, which has a light-reflective quality similar to tooth enamel. They offer several important benefits, including:

-A completely natural look; they enhance the genuine allure of your smile.

-Long-lasting beauty; porcelain resists stains, even if you smoke or drink coffee.

-Noninvasive treatment; minimal tooth structure is removed, just enough to accommodate the thickness of the veneers.

-This cosmetic dentistry procedure typically requires two to three appointments, including a consultation with Dr. Pasenkoff. He prepares your teeth for the veneers by taking molds or impressions of them. These are sent to a dental laboratory to create your personalized devices.

-There they are custom-made for your smile by skilled dental artisans and sent back to the office. There they are fused to your natural teeth.


Your smile is a life-long investment, don’t be afraid to show it off. With dental veneers, the smile you’ve wanted is only an appointment away. Say goodbye to self-consciousness when you schedule your first cosmetic dentistry consultation with Dr. Mitchel Pasenkoff. His office is conveniently located in Norfolk, VA. Get started on a great new smile by calling (508) 528-5351 today.

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