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Signs That You May Need a Root Canal

Do you need a root canal? In the past, injured, infected, or badly decayed teeth generally had to be removed. Today, however, they can often be saved through root canal therapy! Located in Norfolk, MA, Mitchell Pasenkoff D.M.D. offers a complete range of dental services, including root canals, to the patients they serve. Here are five signs that you may need to undergo this tooth-saving treatment!

1. You have a toothache. Recurring tooth pain is one of the most obvious signs that you may need a root canal. Ranging from mild to intense, this pain often gets worse when chewing, and can only be relieved by undergoing root canal treatment.

2. Your gums are swollen. Gum inflammation near the tooth is another common sign that root canal treatment is needed. In severe cases, this swelling may extend into your face or neck.

3. Cold and hot bother you. Sensitivity to cold or heat is another common symptom that may indicate the need for a root canal. Tooth sensitivity causes pain when the tooth is exposed to cold or hot temperatures.

4. You have a bump on your gum. Small bumps or swollen gum often result from gum disease. Your dental provider will treat this by performing a root canal.

5. You have a darkened tooth. One darkened tooth is a sign that the roots of an infected tooth have died. However, tooth discoloration can also be caused by a damaged dental filling or severe tooth decay, so visiting a dentist for a checkup is recommended.

Concerned? Give us a call!

If you need root canal treatment, why wait? We can help you today! Call Mitchell S. Pasenkoff D.M.D. at (508) 528-5351 today to schedule a dental consultation in Norfolk, MA. Root canal treatment will relieve your pain, save your tooth, and keep you smiling!

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